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When you support the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, you ensure that our mission is carried out in the following key areas:

We Are Maryland’s Orchestra

The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra is truly Maryland’s Orchestra. We have two year-round homes, which allows us to share the power of music to twice as many people. Our outstanding Symphony in the City series, brings the orchestra into Baltimore’s neighborhoods, and our ground breaking Music for Maryland program reaches every one of our state’s counties.

The benefit of music is undeniable. Music’s innate ability to connect, to communicate, to enrich, to humanize, to transport, to transcend barriers and differences, and to promote healing and peace is what makes it such a transformative force. And now, we are entering a new era, embarking on a journey of delivering the transformative power of symphonic music to everyone in our state.

Now, with Jonathon Heyward as our Music Director, we are poised to flourish in our bold vision to usher in greater accessibility to classical music across the state.  The BSO’s compelling and relevant performances will captivate new and long-time audiences alike.  

Watch this video to learn more about our monumental community-focused vision for the BSO.

OrchKids – The Start of Something Big

At the BSO, we deeply believe that music and mentorship open doors. A mere 12% of city schools offer instrumental education. Our solution? The BSO’s OrchKids students. In addition to music lessons, OrchKids students receive instruments, academic assistance, meals, mental health resources, and connection to social services as well as performance and mentorship opportunities — all at no cost to students and their families.  It’s our way of leveling the playing field and expanding the possibilities for Baltimore youth. So much more than a music lesson, it’s the start of something big. OrchKid students develop creative, collaborative, leadership and problem-solving skills. 

In celebration of this remarkable program, in a new annual tradition, over 250 students from all seven OrchKids sites, performed on stage at the Meyerhoff filled with family, school teachers and principals, partners, donors and more. It was an incredible and inspirational night. 

The performance opened with a song from some of the youngest OrchKids which starts, “When I am 15, I will make a song. It will be amazing. We can sing along.” It is a marvelous demonstration of the qualities of an OrchKid: optimistic, responsible, hard working, brave, kind and super duper duper duper cool.

BSO ORCHkids Logo

Watch the performance of “When I Am 15.”

Pushing the Envelope of Musical Education

Part of the BSO’s DNA is our commitment to innovative educational programming. From 6-month-old Music Box attendees to Play Date at 90+, the BSO offers a full range of opportunities for increasing understanding and appreciation of symphonic music. It’s all about making concerts a catalyst for gathering and conversation. 

With your support, the BSO can continue to provide access to community, access to family, access to the feeling you cannot get anywhere else, to the children in our community. 

Discover our latest educational highlights in this video.

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“Our students rarely leave the area, much less visit Baltimore or Rockville. I’m not sure if many of the students have ever heard a professional musician — much less someone the caliber of a Symphony musician.

A teacher after a BSO Virtual Classroom Visit

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